BEAM: Helping Virgin Trains to make journeys fly by

Virgin Trains had a vision to take the onboard passenger experience to the next level, providing passengers with easily-accessible, high-quality content. We were approached to craft and deliver a revolutionary passenger entertainment system, following the successful design and launch of Earlybird Boarding – the UK’s first text notification app for rail passengers – which we developed in conjunction with Virgin Trains.

BEAM, the first app of its kind in the UK, delivers world-class entertainment straight to Virgin Train’s passengers’ own devices – whether mobile or tablet – via Virgin Train’s on-board Wi-Fi, from a content server hosted on the train. We work across Virgin West Coast and East Coast with different technology partners to deliver the same look and feel across Virgin Trains.

Using our unrivalled digital rights management system, we put together a customised entertainment package featuring blockbuster films from major Hollywood studios, including Independence Day, which formed the foundation of Virgin Trains’ BEAM launch at Euston Station, London. We also sourced TV box sets from BBC Worldwide, cartoons, games, digital newspapers and magazines.

While BEAM significantly enhances the passenger experience, it also serves to free up off-train connectivity for lower bandwidth data users, so passengers who want to check their emails or browse social media will find it much more efficient.

We look forward to working with Virgin Trains in the future and innovating to develop the BEAM services.


Virgin Trains now offers peerless on-board entertainment…. The BEAM app is a world-first, allowing travellers to enjoy hundreds of hours of film, TV, magazines and games all for free through their own device. When I was a child we used to travel by steam train, so… using this new technology on our wonderfully advanced trains makes me very excited.”

-Richard Branson, Founder at Virgin Group