Benefits To Your Business

GoMedia’s flexible passenger access model lets you strike your preferred balance between boosting passenger satisfaction and increasing ancillary revenues.

We put you in the driving seat in deciding which content should be ‘free to end user’ and which should be ‘paid’, aligning your on-board infotainment with your commercial strategy.


Choose your desired combination of:

Direct Operator revenues

  • Subscription TV products
  • Pay-per-view Movies
  • Premium content bundles
  • First Class upgrades
  • At-seat ordering
  • Additional ticket sales
  • Enriched data through increased engagement and insight

Third-party revenues

  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Integrated strategic media and marketing agreements across operator real estate
  • Sophisticated rules-based app messaging
  • Data enhancement

At the same time, our on-board hosted solution cuts your cellular backhaul costs by diverting passengers’ infotainment consumption away from the mobile network and to your installed Wi-Fi infrastructure. 

Ultimately, the enhanced passenger satisfaction delivered by GoMedia offers mission-critical benefits for your business, positively impacting your franchise bids and overall commercial success.