Industry Partners

GoMedia has led the development of Europe’s on-board infotainment market and is committed to remaining at its forefront. Our market success reflects our adoption of best practice technologies and strong partnerships with leaders in complementary fields.

 GoMedia gives your passengers access to the latest in top entertainment content, including blockbuster movies, TV box sets, audio, eBooks, digital newspapers and magazines, and gaming.

With exceptional contacts in the TV and entertainment industries, our team has a rare ability to broker advantageous deals with content providers and aggregators. We can source the best and most appropriate content for your tailored infotainment service, or help you gain the maximum commercial benefit from content you source directly.

Our revolutionary entertainment solutions incorporate technologies that are trusted by content owners, hardware vendors and transport operators alike. Our content ingestion integrates the UK’s market-leading technology, while our digital rights management and security protocols fully meet the requirements of content producers, enabling us to deliver the latest premium entertainment to passengers’ smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Our ability to shape a content portfolio according to your passenger profile and brand is key to GoMedia’s success. By helping you engage passengers with the right content, we unlock valuable revenue streams for your business while maximising passenger satisfaction through an appealing user experience.

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