Bringing on-board entertainment to National Express Coaches

National Express was keen to introduce onboard entertainment to coach passengers to improve onboard experience. VUER (View, Unwind, Enjoy, Relax), went live in November 2016 with more than 100 hours of quality content. VUER can be accessed by browser or by the new VUER app (iOS and Android). There is a wide variety of contents available, including Sky News and Sky Sports News bulletins, TV box sets and magazines, all available to view on passengers’ own devices through the free, locally hosted on-board Wi-Fi servers. News, Sports News, weather are updated multiple times a day with other content updated quarterly, blockbuster movies also launch in January 2017. Onboard entertainment helps reduce perceived journey times and, as most coach journeys typically take several hours, this was at the forefront of our thinking with National Express. With quality content available to watch, read and play, passengers’ journeys will be far more enjoyable and also feel shorter. As part of the National Express launch, we used our strong industry connections to negotiate deals with Now TV and other content partners including Turner (Cartoon Network) and Made Television, expanding GoMedia’s ever-growing list of content partners. Through Now TV, passengers will be able to stream top programmes like ‘Fortitude’, ‘Karl Pilkington’s The Moaning of Life’ and ‘The British’ – the first time the service has been available to non-subscribers onboard coaches. VUER also features advertising + sponsorship real estate which went live at launch. Real estate includes banners, pre-rolls and locally served micro sites which will deliver revenue from this new platform. We are immensely proud to have worked alongside National Express in implementing this a first-of-a-kind system in the coach industry and look forward to building on this exciting partnership.