What we do

We are Europe’s leading on-board infotainment provider for transport operators.

We help rail, coach and other transport companies monetise their existing onboard Wi-Fi infrastructure and revolutionise their passenger experience with world-class entertainment and information content, hosted on-board and delivered to passengers’ own connected devices.

Working with our unrivalled network of content partners, and in partnership with your client Wi-Fi provider, we deliver outstanding media solutions tailored to your needs. From the latest blockbuster films, catch-up TV, box sets, cartoons and games, to digital newspapers and magazines, we give your passengers a fantastic entertainment package that reflects and extends your brand.

GoMedia lets transport companies generate ancillary revenue in a variety of ways that speak directly to passengers. Choose from targeted digital advertising, Pay TV, sponsorship, enhanced data, First Class upgrades, at-seat ordering, rules based targeted App messaging among other options . At the same time, we significantly reduce your cellular backhaul costs by engaging passengers with streamed content hosted on-board the vehicle through our BYOD (‘Bring Your Own Device’) model.